6 days to go!

XD I am sooooo exicted!
I am graduating in 6 days, and it is going to be sooooo kewl!:love:
Formal is tommorow night but I’m flagging it to work on the Senior’s dvd which I am directing and filming, but it feels sooooo odd with now work to do!

I’m going to schoolies for a week (piss up /trashed/muck up week with mates in an apartment) 7 days from now :stuck_out_tongue: And I can’t get over it :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess it is going to be a week without kirupaforums :stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue: Celebrate for me while I’m out!

[SIZE=1](good luck next year t0mm0 - it is gonna suck :frowning: )[/SIZE]