My finals are over! I will be home in 7 hours. I just have to wait for my father to get here at 2:30 and I’ll be home at 4:30! I can’t wait…I have been away from my computer for too long. I just wanted to let you all know that I will soon be home, and to tell all of you that are still in school-- “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

lol, cheers,

Sweet sir… so glad for you… I know you were sweaten there for a while.

well, I just found out how hard it is to say good-bye. One of the girls that I went out with earlier this year, that I am still very good friends with, is graduating. She was a senior and now she is going to graduate school in Florida (She got into Florida Tech for only $430.00 per year!), and I’m never going to see her again. I’ll still talk to her but its not the same. She stopped by to say good-bye, and…well, it was just a mess… :frowning: So, now I’m sad…

But I’ll be ok once I get home and on my skateboard and in my car. Those are my two favorite things in the whole world…oh, how i miss them…

Tel her something like this as your last words, and try doing it walking off into a 1950 grey airplane, in the night with fog all around.

“Of all the Gin joints in the world I end up here with a doll face like you”


nah, I said (as is my style…) “Get out now *****!”

Congrats jubba (about leaving college that is) :slight_smile: Tomorrow (Friday) will be my ‘unofficial’ last day as all my ap classes will be over. I then have to worry about some insignificant classes that give me plenty of time for nothing but Flash!


Congratulations Kirupa! Have you had any offers from Microsoft yet? Word on the street is that Bill Gates has this site set as his home page for over a week now…
Hmmmmm, could mean something…


Want to try something…

<img src=“http://www.angelfire.com/dc/vidgame/images/taxi.txt” height=240 width=320>

if this works, then this is the black demon that i was talkin about in the other thread…she’s evil…

And Kirupa: Thats awesome that you are done. My friend is done with his AP classes today too, all he has is PE now…

We used to have a dachshound. They are evil. I think our dog bit like 53 people before it died of natural causes. He was evil.

How this one for evil? I made this in 10 minutes last night after seeing his picture on Drudge that was 1/2 cross eyed.


I tried to code this frelling flash picture but no matter what I couldn’t get it to werk.


hey phil,
I still have my senior year in hs next year before I can do anything =) I just have a few less important subjects to worry about. None that take up hours of time like my other classes. Time to start Flashin…


Dam Kirupa, I thought you were a senior…

haha, not quite yet jubba =)