60hz ground loop

Ok guys i have a real annoying problem. My main monitor has a poorly designed power supply. whenever i turn that monitor on it makes a hum across all my external sound gear. After a little research i found that this was called a 60hz ground hum or loop.

It’s really annoying, because anytime i want to record stuff, listen to music, or do anything using my sound equipment i have to turn off my primary monitor and work on the sucky secondary.

anyone know how to fix this? googling says I could put tape around the third prong where it plugs into the wall… but this is a real safety problem and i really don’t want to do that. I’ve also tried using a different outlet for my monitor than the rest of my stuff… it makes the hum a little quieter, but it’s still pretty loud.

anyone know any fixes? have the same problem?

Edit: forgot to say, messing with my house’s wiring isnt really possible. I dont need to get rid of the hum that bad :lol: . I’ll just be happy with turning off my monitor if the only solution is to have a electrician come and fix it loll.