A beginner with a complex problem

Well this being my first post I would like to start of by saying hello :slight_smile:
Now onto the hard part. I have been using Flash for a little bit now I have an ok understanding of the program and all but that’s about it. The problems start there, I haven’t ever seen a tut or anything regarding how to actually take what you have made and place it correctly on a web using Dreamweaver nor have I seen how to take a layout made in Photoshop and make certain parts flash enabled. For instance I would like to make some buttons for my navigation. I have and idea in mind, something like this (normal) (mouse over) I will start of by listing the problems with this, first off in PS the buttons don’t have a BG like they do here, they are on a separate layers. How do I take the button from PS to Flash without screwing it up I want to keep the BG transparent so that my layout doesn’t look funny when I do the effect I want. (would PNG work? that’s what I used in my example) Secondly the effect I want is for the image is to be a rollover that I know how to do but I would also like for the rollover to shake like the buttons in this example http://www.templatemonster.com/flash-templates/5502.html and I don’t know how to archive that effect plus as you can see the buttons must have transparent BGs as I was saying or their will be problems making it blend with layout beneath it, or at least I would think so anyway. Another effect I want to achieve would be something like the “don’t forget your dreaming” text on this site [url=“http://www.surreal-utopia.com/home.htm”]http://www.surreal-utopia.com/home.htm and the tech objects moving on the right side of the content box. Another example would be the “design studio” text and grunge spot that blink and move from this site [url=“http://www.templatemonster.com/flash-templates/5502.html”]http://www.templatemonster.com/flash-templates/5502.html So how would I get things to move and blink like that, and yet again these objects were obviously created in PS and they have transparent BGs. Finally Once I get those things figured out how do I go about importing these into Dreamweaver and making sure they are in the correct position? This will be the first Flash site I have ever built so this a new area for me as I’m sure you can all tell. Many many thanks to who ever reads this and responds :slight_smile: