A change must come

Hello everyone,

Being new to flash (about 2 years off and on) Ive noticed that the education material out there for purchase is drastically lacking. That is compared to that of say the material content for Maya or Max training.

To expand on what I mean lets just say I wanted to model a highly detailed character complete with cloth effects, hair, object interaction ect.

I would just go to a site like http://thegnomonworkshop.com and I would be off and running. There material is excellent, leaving no stone unturned, artistically and learning wise. Now I know that you have to find your own style and interprutation of art. But being shown the step by step process of creating a production level result is the point I am trying to make.

There are even some amazing Flash source files out there for download. Be it from Laco or what have you. But what if there was a site where you could build for yourself from the ground up with the designers input and train of thought behind it and have a end result the features as the top designers out there (I dont mean a carbon copy of the sites either).

You may say that “That would undemine all the creative Flash designers and programers out there, and the web would be flooded with stuff that used to be cutting edge and is now run of the mill.” But look at it this way- Gnomon Workshop is run by leading 3d artist of the movie industry and there not worried.

That in my mind would improve the Flash community and would inspire and centralize it more than anything.

Well just a thought to any professionals out there. The time of bland totaltraining, and every other “here’s a $250 training dvd that shows you the ways of building a website worthy of the year 1995” has to come to an end!

Sorry for the rant, I had to get that off my chest.