To All New Flashers... wanna learn REAL fast?

I suck at flash… mainly actionscripting and the whole fricking structuring of it. Im a 3d artist… you make something… click animate… and move it. poof ur done… flash requires coding that I cannot do. BUT… i recently found a very nice tutorial set that explains a very simple site being made IN DETAIL for all of us who are Visual Learners. It can be found at…rflash5cd/ .

this has to be one of the best tutorials i have ever seen. you see millions of pieced together tutorials but NOONE ever does a complete from beginning to end tutorial on an entire site. Well none that I have found.

It’s a two cd set and goes from building an intro to a volume tab to a preloader to a finished site… It is a must for anyone like me who jsut can’t get a grip on this flash thing. I recently acquired it and i thought someone else might want to know about it.

if you ahve it, or have used it, post here your responses and see what everyone else thinks.

There are a number of books that do this… This site definitely looks interesting though. I’ll take a look.

I’m trying to make it easy for you people icmewho… my tutorials are coming along nicely and hopefuly will be really easy to follow and learn from.

lol i hate when people say iCu mewho… Hoo… call me hoo please. iCu is merely a clan tag… and my name is mehoo… hoo for short =]

ok now…

yea the two i have ROCK… its a class in a box i swear. for me it taught me so much already. people like you can just fricking whip this up in your head though =]

gimme a link to some tutorials… im always trying to learn. i have the advanced actionscripting cd’s if you want them… i have no need yet. email me if so. no biggie if not.

the kewlest thing about this is it isnt a book… its a interactive tutorial cd that runs in a flash window. comes with the samples… and it is very helpful. its a full two cd’s with hella movies. im extremely visual… someone can explain all day to me and it dont mean shiznit… gotta see it in example… in a file… then compare to MY files to see the differences. its how i learn. i would like to see your tutorials too though.

I think that the tutorials I’m working on now are just a bit below your level. If I can find any on early a/s stuff I’ll pass them on to you.

As for CD’s thanks for the offer. I’m a little full up on source material right now though… just hold onto them. :slight_smile:

I’ll work on the “hoo” thing. :wink:

Kirupa is working on that whole site tutorial appearently. he seemed pretty excited about it too (maybe a little too excited;) )

What a cool Idea. I was wondering if anything like that was available. Thanks for shareing that “hoo”. Of course at $250 it will have to wait till the cashflow is flowing again. I just bought Swift 3D, I think I’ll need a Tutorial CD for that app as well. Most of the tuts that Ive see online for S3D seem to be lacking. A start to finish approach is a very good way to learn.

I love’s stuff.

But I have to agree, $250 is pretty steep. Seems like you think it’s worth it though (?).

Maybe I can pawn my foot or something. :wink:



I said I acquired it… not bought it =]

no further comment…

but i would buy it if i hadn’t acquired it recently… just the one though. its got two cd’s full of movies. i think it said 12 hours of movies… thats a ****load. i also have the advanced actionscripting one but haven’t gotten to it yet because i cant AC anyways. the intermediate flash 5 is good. its basically beginner flash 5. if you spent like 5 minutes in flash you will understand most of it. you also gotta understand that they are coursewares… so they are made for college courses. ALL COLLEGE coursewares are expensive as hell. =[

That’s really impressive! I watched one of their sample movies and it’s excellent! I understood everything!!! This is genious! He’s talking and at the same time shows what he’s doing and stuff, this is so great!

Oh god why is it so expensive??? (rethorical question)

Someone burn this for me or something…

I registered for the $25 a month on-line version.

Now let me tell you, at first I thought this was alot but I have learned more in this weekend then I have probably learned in the last two months. In addition, you can also learn about Acrobat, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, and others.


If you’re having trouble learning, I highly suggest this. After what I’ve seen I would GLADLY pay $50 a month for this info.

Mix this with the great tutorials on this site and you’ll be a happy flasher in a matter of weeks, not months.

The $25 a month subscription can be cancelled at any time. So far, this is better than any of the five or six books I’ve read.

I can simply apply the tutorial site (from start to finish) that covers almost everything to a site I’m currently working on.

I suggest trying it even for only one month if that’s all you can afford. It’s worth it for anyone who is not a master flasher.

(Sorry to pimp out this site so much, I just really like it.)


T2D…Yea that looks pretty good, I checked out the freebee movie. Looks like it was very well planned out and produced. However I am on a dialup out in the country/sticks/boondocks/bum@#$%^Egypt and the time that it took to download the movie was approx. 30 mins. Too long for this flasher to wait. I think I am going to bite the bullet and buy the class. If you think about it, $250 is not alot considering what they charge for the one-on-one training for 4 days $1400 (ouch!) So…If any of you want to know what it’s all about…email me!
[email protected]

you know, why don’t we just have online sessions right here? if krup can get a decent chat room going, we could hold lil “classes” with peeps that know actionscript (i’ll be sure to be involved), design, etc. krup, if you’re reading, how bout it? it’s free and you guys talk to us all the time anyway; as an added bonus, i don’t think any other site would be doing this so would get some attention, hell, maybe a chapter in the next FoEd (friends of ed) book.

Yea, that sounds like a good idea, and I’d go along with it, …here’s the BUT!

In order for this to be pulled off, there needs to be a bit of planning and structure. I mean there needs to be some sort of a plan of attack, maybe some text files as to what the class is going to be about. I’ve done some online training before in a virtual classroom and due to poor planning ( I won’t mention the source) it turned out to be a big cluster !@#$. Everyone yick yacking about everything except what I was paying $ for.

As long as everyone attending would be working on the same tutorial, and everyone on the same page so to speak, I think it could work. But my instinct is telling me that it has the potential of being a waste of precious time if the right conditions arn’t met.

I’m not trying to be the big el-Negativ-O, but I would just hate to see the teacher/moderator, take this thing and have it be a flop after all the time he/she puts into it… Just somthing to ponder.

On the other hand, if it were designed as a free for all chat room, where there could be some “Flash Masters” answering questions one on one, that could be a good thing as well. I guess it all depends on how it’s all put together. Besides I just forked out $250 for the class at Maybe when I master that class I could help out in the teaching arena.

That’s my 2cents

As I see it, it turns out the same as these bulletin boards. So personally I don’t see any need in a “virtual class chat room” because it’s basicaly what these forums are…

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“Kirupa is working on that whole site tutorial appearently. he seemed pretty excited about it too (maybe a little too excited )”

Is there a post anywhere about this whole site tutorial??…=350.topic