A codec?

ok first what is it

and second were do i get it

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do you know the file extension of the movie you’re trying to play? like some divx movies are AVI and others are divx.


hm…you may want to give www.divx.com a visit to see if they have an updated codec. i think they’re up to 5.0.3 last i checked. oh and a codec stands for “compression/decompression” which basically takes the movie and “decodes” its format so you can play it on your computer.

ok i will look but when i tire it in media player, quicktime and winamp, it plays but with no sound or picture

so i do need that codec

yes. well. you need ‘a’ codec.

Hmmm, divx player 2 is kinda old, I would get the latest at the link Thor suggested. If the latest divx codec doesn’t work for you, try xvid… If it still doesn’t work post again, I will give you some other options. =0)