.mpg problem

i have a .mpg file that plays, sound but no video, does anyone have any ideas why this might happen? Thanks.

You most likely don’t have the correct video codec installed. Finding out what codec is required can be tough. The person or site you acquired it from would be the first place to start.

Yup, codec problems will cause that every time. Xvid is a popular mpg codec try that one. =0)


i got the file fromo Kazaalite so I guess it could be a bit dodgy…

I downloaded that Xvid thingy but not too sure how to even start it? :q:

Ya if you go to Divx you can get there most curent codec pack. That uslay fixes any problems I have like that. Don’t worry you will have your p0rn0 playing in no time LOL j/k.

yeah i have downloaded the 2 free versions of div x and it is still stuffed… lol @ the ****o joke…nah it’s a music video… sometimes when i drag the clip duration i get a picture but then it just stops…hmmm :q:

tool go here and grab some free tools and codecs http://www.dvdrhelp.com

just dl the codec page from www.k-lite.tk should work… i think i use to have a proggy called zoombox that had all the codec but since i reformated my dumb c: drive…