A Few Questions from a Newb!

I just got Flash 5, and well I dont know where to start on anything.
I wanted to do a few things, I am trying to make a sig for myself using flash. I wanted to know if anyone knew how to make a gun scope scrolling across the image. I also wanted to know how to make my name swirl around and fall into one place. If anyone can help me please post. I am looking foward to seeing you all around.

Flash help files and tutorials. Go through those and it explains pretty much what you want to do.

I’m guessing that you just got flash and haven’t really tried to do anything yet, so I am suggesting the Flash help files. They give you a basic understanding of MovieCLips, buttons, graphics and how to manipulate them. Start with lesson 1 and then work your way up to the end.

did you want a gun target kind of thing… like the circle with horziontal line and vertical line showing the centre?! cause i’ve done that before… it’s easy and looks cool. but get use to using flash or else you’ll get mentally ill . Just practise on tweening and frames and producing new layers… that’s basically all you need to know to create the thing what your talking about