A few quick ones

hi all,

few quick ones,

how do you control the backround colour of a movie clip and the stage? i have thought about placing a mc within the mc as a backround_mc, then change the tint attribute from my main timeline, is this on the right track?

i have a movie where a user loads images into an image viewer (mc) i have craeted. If a user clicks on gallery 1, the loader appears, and load the jpg and then tells the viewer to show onceloaded. But, if a user clicks on gallery 1, then clicks on gallery 2, the movie finishes loading picture 1, before loading picture 2, is there any waqy i can force the loader to stop loading one,a dn load two immediately.

I have careted a class, now, how do i assign an mc to be an object of that class, from the main timeline or the onclipevent load event

Cheers all