Need help...its hard to explain

this is very hard to explain, but i’ll try my hardest.

i have one frame on root. and on that frame, it has a blank MC, with an instance name [color=blue]loader[/color]. and MC is used to to load [color=green]internal (as in, in the same fla file) MC’s[/color]. i have (for this eg) two MC’s ([1] and [2])that i want to load on button press.
lets say that MC[1] is allready loaded. it played through and then stoped in the middle. when i press button two, i want it to play through the rest of [1] and then swap the movieclip for [2].

the reason i want this is because i want to have transitions. but a different one for each section. so no matter where you are in the site, it’ll look like its “unloding” or “swaping” the current section.

to better explain waht i want, here is a link.
go to anywhere in the site, and then go somewhere else. the transition always “reverses” before going to the next section.

i looked at his site again, and realised that it is infact reversing. and i doubt he just animated all of them for every combination (home >> about, home >> contact, work >> contact etc) if he did animated everyone, that would have to be 25 transitions…i think.

anyway, i hope you can understand what i meen, and i hope you can help me out.