A flash rookie in need of help

Hi everyone. I’m still a rookie in flash and I’m having a little bit of trouble with some actionscript. I’ve gotten as far as placing the buttons and assign the correct actionscript for them to work. Everything is working fine with the buttons activating the external .swf into a blank movie clip in the main movie. Ony thing is, I would like the external movie assigned to the first button to open once the movie is loaded.

I thought by using the same actionscript i used on the button {and removing the on(release) tag} and placing on the first frame of the main movie would help, but it doesn’t. Can anyone help me? If so, much thanks to you. I’ve included an example zip.


see my post in the Flash 5.0 forum

thanks David. Got it fixed. The solution was one of your suggestions posted in the flash 5 forum.