Flash rookie in need of help

Hi everyone. I’m still a rookie in flash and I’m having a little bit of trouble with some actionscript. I’ve gotten as far as placing the buttons and assign the correct actionscript for them to work. Everything is working fine with the buttons activating the external .swf into a blank movie clip in the main movie. Ony thing is, I would like the external movie assigned to the first button to open once the movie is loaded.

I thought by using the same actionscript i used on the button {and removing the on(release) tag} and placing on the first frame of the main movie would help, but it doesn’t. Can anyone help me? If so, much thanks to you. I’ve included an example zip.

I think I get your meaning on this. I have something similar on my site. It should work as you discribe your efforts. That is to say… if it works on the button, it should work the same way in a frame action without the on(release){} part of the script.

As I figure it there are two reasons why this might not work for you… should be pretty simple to fix.

A) the movie clip that you are using as the holder (ie the clip that you are loading the movie into) needs to be in existence when the script is run. If it is located on the first frame with the script, it may be that the script is executing before the movie clip is created by the Flash player. To fix that you could try moving the loadMovie(); script to frame 2 on the timeline instead of frame 1 (or to one frame past wherever the ‘holder’ clip’s first keyframe is located.)

B) the addressing may not be correct. If the ‘holder’ movie clip is located on the timeline where the button is located, then it shouldn’t be this problem.

Still thinking about this… trying to figure if there might be another reason for this happening. (being at work I can’t check out the file you attached so I’m just taking guesses here.)

I see. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll double back and see if any of them help me in figuring out the solution. I’ll post back to let you know if I’ve fixed it.

WoW. Thanks You David! The problem was it was executing before the clip. I took your suggestion of placing the script a frame after on the main timeline and that fixed it. I’ve just picked up flash as a hobby and I’m still in it’s beginner phase and just picked up some books to learn it. Thanks for your help.


no problem… Glad it was a simple one. :slight_smile: