A Flashy Favor?

Okay soooo I’m super tired. I’ve got a science project that i’m struggling with. I’ve got a County Choir audition tommorow.

So I registered www.harishlall.com and like I want to get this out sooner than later. I want it done by propogation, or atleast the coming soon page.

I couulllld just use a tutorial, but I’m really tired and hoping someone can do this for me – I’ll do the PHP side.


I want to put a flash and sexy contact form next to the UNTILTHEN. If someone could do this :slight_smile: I would post this in jobs, but I want it a bit faster. I might be able to donate a dollar via paypal?

I hope someone can do this :slight_smile: All I need is the flash end including AS. Oh and if you’d like you can turn the entire site into flash. Up to you

Thankies in Advankies.

(btw it’s just a small coming soon page. its not a challenge. the layouts not fully ready yet so it’ll come a day or two after propogation)

edit:/ if you’d like to improve it in anyway, your welcome to.

edit2:/ maybe this title will appeal to mroe people.

edit3:/ okay so i can’t change the actual thread title >.<