A follow up question

Dear Kirupa,
Thanks for ur advice, it did worked, but still some confusion remains??
Actually when i loaded the movie in a transperent movie clip,i actually dont come to know whether the 2nd movie has loaded or not?
what i want to know is how should i preload the movie,but play it afterwards??
Any ideas??

Hello soniajoshi,
You will not be. But more than likely, enough of the movie would have loaded so that you can be played without many delays. You will load that movie again in another movie clip that is not fully transparent. In other words, you will have two copies of the same movie clip playing at the same time. One transparent, and the other one that people will see.

The transparent movie will load well ahead of the visible movie. See, flash stores all loaded movies in RAM temporarily. So the partially loaded transparent movie will carry over to the non-transparent movie clip. The portions of the movie that had already loaded will be playing in the visible portion.