Loading in levels

Actually what i have done is that i hav made 2 movies and loaded the 2nd movie,after the first stops playing.
The 2nd movie i loaded is in level1, so that the sound file introduced in the 1st movie continues playing.The problem is that i want the 2nd movie to be preloaded in the time the 1st movie is playing ,so that there is no break in the continuity of the movie.
How should i do that???

Several people on this board have been having the same problem. What I found that worked was, first create a blank movie clip. Alpha the movie clip until it is completely transparent. While the first movie is playing, load the 2nd movie into the transparent movie clip.

So, the second movie would actually be loading until the first movie finishes. Hopefully by the time the user reaches the 2nd movie clip, the 2nd movie clip would have loaded enough of itself while the 1st movie was playing. The transition should be fairly smooth.

Loading broadband sound ,(as an intermediate) will always have to be treated as a seperate entity,the best answer would be to load your main stage in and then on a secondary level , load your sound …but if you want both in sync…you’ll have to preload at least 40k to keep your stream moving, you can load both on 50/50 streaming but this relies on your movie size…if your loading 200 kb of sound,load graphics first, but if your sound files are small enough to stream in ( e.g. 25K)then preload the first 25k and stream your site in, as for kirupa’s reply…
whether transparent or not…it still needs to be loaded, preload a 20%(dependant). percentage then stream.