A FULL list of english words

Hey guys, do any of you guys know of or have a site with most of if not all of the words in the english dictionary. Any help appreciated.

what about http://www.dictionary.com ?

LOl thanks, bu I need just a list, with all the words. Not indivual ones. thanks any way

I dont have one - but I am dying to know what you want it…?


lol… ? why I want it? I need it for a project I’m working on.

you could do it manually with a dictionary :lol:

i can’t even comprehend why that kind of resource would exist… imagine how long it would be (especially with different forms and tenses of the root word, which could warrant their own inclusion in some cases) and it wouldn’t be much use without definitions…

must be a pretty unique project :stuck_out_tongue:

It does for Latin :stuck_out_tongue:


I found a Basic English word list (only 850)

how about this: http://www.translatum.gr/dictionaries/download-english.htm


Thanks, λ but I can’t open it, says couldn’t read file

right click the link and “save target as…”. Open the files in notepad.


I used the word lists above to create a Wheel-Of-Fortune game solver; too bad I rarely watch the show :slight_smile:

Apparently there is such an animal as an aardwolf - ya learn something everyday.

has a list of uncommon, rare, and lost english words;)

hmmm any others?

George Carlin has his “Incomplete list of impolite words” ;] Maybe not to useful but funny as hel ;]