A Game a Week

I was reading an old interview with Kyle Gabler from [URL=“http://2dboy.com”]2D Boy, the developers of The World of Goo.

The whole interview is worth a read, especially for Kyle’s slightly crazy but very funny persona. You can really tell where the humour from World of Goo came from. But by far the most interesting bit is where Kyle talks about how the game came about. Here is excerpt from the interview:

Some friends and I started the Experimental Gameplay Project back in grad school. The idea was we’d make bunch of games in one semester, to discover as many new forms of gameplay as possible. We ended up making about 50 games, seven days per game, each made by just one person, each game based around some “theme” like “gravity” or “evolution” or “a game your mom would play”. One of the small games I made was called “Tower of Goo”. It turned out to have a kind of fun idea behind it, so we took that basic idea and made “World of Goo”.

I think this is a fantastic idea and was wondering whether anybody would be interested in doing something similar here at Kirupa? Obviously, you wouldn’t be required to enter every week (I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to manage!) but if a theme is posted every week we can showcase all the small flash games that are produced by the talented members of the kirupaForum.

You would have to post the source of your file, this wouldn’t be a contest, more an educational creative community brainstorming… er, fun… thing (I trailed off a bit there…).

For some inspiration and to see just how wacky some of the stuff they made is, check out some of the games Kyle and his friends made.

So yeah… that’s my pitch. Would anybody be interested in participating in something like this?