A good screen recording software?

Hi :slight_smile: i was looking for the best free full screen recording software, or even one that is a trial, i would like to teach lessons to others, which would you recommend? Thanks. Any help would be greatly appreciated, i was looking for something with very smooth recording that captures every frame of the mouse.

I downloaded this trial the other day. It seems pretty good :smiley:


**edit, I wouldn’t say it catches every frame of the mouse, but then again, your filesize would be huge.

Have you tried Camtasia?

Thanks for the help, i just found this software called Viewlet Builder and it’s amazing! :smiley: not only records the screen, but allows you to put text bubbles along the lesson. =) There’s a large watermark, but it’ll do for now. thanks.

PS, the mouse speed is smooth!

hyperSnap dx, capture professional, snagit, camtasia studio…
depends what you wanna do with it, how much you’re gonna use it…

This may be stating the obvious but now that Macromedia have bought the company that makes Robob demo is that worth a try. last version I used the imaging wasn’t the best but they may have fixed it!!!

Best soft ware to do it… It has nearly every compression… that there is… Really awesome…

Free: http://www.clubic.com/t/logiciel/fiche/telecharger/10618.html
CamStudio now is known as RoboDemo :slight_smile: