A hacking game site

I was bored today so i went to www.try2hack.nl

These guys made a hacking challenge site u can play hack start at level 1

Dont worry! Its completely legal! lol

Then i found out that i suck at “hacking”. I only get to level 5

Try it and tell me what level u guys in :wink:

cant be found

it works here :slight_smile:

my friend is the chinchilla:) not saying a word

aw i remember that site, u have to signup.

off to see if my account is still alive
i guess not since some noobs are dosing it

hmmm thought dosing was only for that geocites crap


It has been posted before… more than 1 time :to:

What’s HTS ??

I never really into hacking i guess i suck anyway im better in design :slight_smile:

hts = hack this site

old hacking site erm i guess its down now. ill go find the other hacking site that was cool

well the truth is my friend hacked it. lol