A little help please

I have learned to mask fairly, but have studied two different tutorials (which gives different instructions) on using mask to make a flashlight that follows the mouse. I just can’t seem to do it. I can get the movie, but can’t make it follow the mouse. Is there a simple way to do it so a nut like me can get this behind them? Thanks.

not sure if this is wut you mean…do you mean this?

<embed src=“http://www.angelfire.com/dc/vidgame/images/movies/ladderteam1.swf” height=60 width=200></embed>

cuz if thats wut you mean, then just follow the tut on this site, if not then again, I’m sorry for wasting everyone’s time.

That’s very close. I found that tut on this site since I posted and learned that one.
Now if you didn’t have the text and the mask showed a white circle against the black bkgd, then that would be what I was speaking of.
Thanks for your reply and you sure haven’t wasted my time.

Hey!!! I found the tut for something close enough on this site and got what I wanted.
Thanks very much.