Need someone with patience

Ok, I am the newest member to flash. I just started last night and I am totally confused. I figured I would try something simple and follow one of Kirupa’s tutorials. I did the Follow Masks tutorial. I did that easy, no problem at all. Now I want to do that from scratch. I can make the background(black). I can put my text(orange) and I can add a circle(white). Then I hit f8 on the circle to make it a movie and do the instance thing and the start drag thing. I then mask the backgound layer. How come it doesnt follow my mouse or only show where the cirlce is? Hope you have a lot of patience. You would think Kirupa would show me since he lives down the street, but nooooo! He says he does not do personal help :slight_smile: It is ok I forgive him. Anyways, if you can help a newbie I would be very appreciative. Thanks

making a mask is really simple, and i think u will get much more out of it if i just nudge u along, rather than giving you ‘step by step’ instructions to follow.

There just a few key points to rember:

  1. the text .ect allways goes on top.

  2. (lets use test as an example for now) it doesn’t matter what color the test is, because it will all ways be the color of the image/or what ever u put under it…

  3. Put the image on a second frame under the text frame.

  4. right click on the first layer go to mask

  5. vola, there u have it.

whoa, they look like ‘step by step’ instruction to me. I guess ur lucky this time heh =)

Arrgggggggg as i read on in ur message, i see u are trying to make it follow the cursor… Arg my bad heh… well make fresh post as to how to fix ur problem.

I shal return,

Note: i don’t blame Kirupa for not doing house calls, theres some really sick weirdos on the net. No offence to you, im sure ur a decent person. :slight_smile: laterz

nah… kirupa’s just a busy guy… he’s got school n stuff.

If planshift can’t answer by morning, then I’ll see what I can do. There are a couple of different concepts behind the mask follow and I think Kirupa only covers one in his tutorial.

bump… (still getting to this)