A loading bar for external flash files

how can i make a flash movie, have a loading bar for a movie being loaded into it, but also for the content in the main movie.

and have both the percentages in the same loading bar.


main = 25%
loadee = 75%

total = 50%

i dont want a loading bar in each of the movies being loaded in, so any ideas?

something like _level1._getBytesLoaded() or something?

i think i tried it before but since _level1 hadnt even began to load it disregarded it and assumed it was done…

solutions anybody?

This is a bad idea, really. If you need to load them both at the same time, put everything in the same file.

pom :rambo:

i would except that would inflate my file size alot, as i plan on having it load a random background. i mean i could include all the possibilities in the file but that would make my file huge.