A MAC issue - Flash isn't seen - Please help :(


I’m the owner of this site: www.hilaweis.com
I have a problem which I’m trying to solve for a few weeks…

My site is a holding a few galleries. each gallery holds a few images shown with a Flash.
It works great on PCs. The problem is - the mac…

Mac users won’t be able to see the flash. It’s just not shown.

If you wanna see this - http://www.hilaweis.com/gallery.asp?gal=13

My developer tried to change a few codes -
At the begining we thought it has to do with the caps/lower case in the code itself.
Well, no.
Then we tried changing the code refers to the script border. we took off the java script from it (the runtime activate content). No good.

Does anyone know what can be the solution for this?

Thanks a lot!!
Hila Weiss
[email protected]

Your gallery isn’t showing up in either Firefox or Safari on Windows. The images are loading but nothing is being displayed in the flash area.

I would talk with your flash developer there seems to be a glitch with the gallery.

Yea… not so much a “mac” issue, as an “overall” issue

I can see my network load, and its downloading, but like temp said, nothing’s showing

fire your developer :stuck_out_tongue: Cant see anything in any browser here x)

replace the embedding script with



to help make your code, also make sure you set the publishing method to dynamic for best results :slight_smile: