A neat usage of Flash and Java Script


This is great!!
Wonder how they coordinate the lil’ guys movements so precisely with the browser move?..
Kept watching for a long time, cool site (of the week?!)…

Hey eyezberg,
There is a Flashkit tutorial on the javascript shake and move; that might explain how they were able to create that. It is really cool! I might have to create a special mention section in the site of the week for sites that are cool buy did not submit one for SOTW!


Dang - that was so simple yet so effective! Brilliant! Wish I thought of it…

Dammit ! Am I the only personon Earth to use Netscape ?? Cause I couldn’t see anything happening until I watched it with Explorer 4 (to tell you the truth, I was starting to wonder if there was something to see at all). Thank you Netscape !! (on the other hand it’s my choice…)
pom 0]

Yes… Netscape I do not believe allows JavaScript to move it’s location. Opra either as far as I know.