A new Effect I made!

<embed src=“http://www.danalu.com/inertia.swf” quality=high width=300 height=300>\rIf you want the .fla bad enough please e-mail me:\r\r<a href=mailto:[email protected]>[email protected]</a>

Smoken Danny boy, smoken.

Awfully cool, Dan.\rOne question though : did you use MC duplication ?\r\rpom


What does yup mean ? If it’s a yes, how do you manage the MC you duplicate to reamin attached to each other ? Some kind of talking script between MCs ?\r\rpom

i used duplicate movie clip and each clip used the same script…i then used removeMovieClip so that it over wrote the old clip so that it looked like a trailer instead of drawing program

i likeyour effect especially,the ‘elasticity’ of that!so pl mail me the fla.\r cheerios!\r neha\r[email protected]

Cool as _ _ _ _\r\ri like it - email me the fla pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease\r\r[email protected]\r\rLeanne

Neato. Or as Robin would say; Holy Trailing mouseover effects Batman!\r\r[email protected]\r\rpj

Thats very nice Dan,\rCan I have it please?\r\rthanks

Dan,\r I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed that Fla you sent me. Thanks. And I love how it can be added to as well. I have refitted your basic worm with scales, colors, teeth and terrible red eyes. Soon it will be outfitted and will do battle against Eyzebergs lil monster. Cool script!\r\rpj\r:cool:

I agree: This effect is really nice. I too would like to see this .fla, please.\r\r[email protected] is the email address. Thanks!

dan it seems everyone wants ya fla. well i more intereted in the text used in ure footer (chineasish kinda) \r\rso could ya tell me what its called… and where ya got it :smiley: \r\rid be very grateful if ya did!

By the time we are done with Dan we shall have emptied him out, cleaned his clock, etc… Dan can you please save yourself some time and just post all your Fla’s? \r\rpj

<a href=http://www.danalu.com/inertia1.fla>THE FLA IS HERE</a>\r\rAnd the font on my footer is: HIROSH