A new "goto" after the first one?

Ok at a menubar in my flash Button 1 has the action :

on (press);
{ gotoAndPlay(25)

Right now when the button is pressed it goes and plays the 25th frame to the 35th frame, then at the 35 th frame there is an action :

_root.gotoAndPlay(“Scene1”, 1);

The problem is that if the viewer clicks button2 i want the action at the 35th frame to be :

_root.gotoAndPlay(“Scene2”, 1);

As i think i cant change the AS and i dont want to create the same animation over and over again 5-6 times one after each other i’m wondering if you guys have a solution? Maybe a double command for the button stating the playhead to go and play from 25-35 THEN goto scene1,1 etc? Or a workaround thats more sensible then creating the same 10 frame animation 5-6 times and giving out links to different scenes at the end of each ?

Oh and one more thing, i have an animation where the screen is divided into 4 parts vertically, a bitmap sliding left or right through each part. They’re actually masked bitmaps, but i have a hunch that flash is not cutting them down to the masked areas when i export the movie as its over 1mb allready with nothing but thoose 4 bitmaps in the file thats noticable :confused:

Anyway the site is at www.karadenizreklamajansi.com/EPL for now and heavily bugged atm :slight_smile: