Goto and play scene?

For some reason i’m having problems swapping scenes in my flash movie. At first i put the action in a “actions” named layer and a link to a button.

So basicly when scene1 loads the frame 1 action is “stop ();”. The viewer clicks on button1 which has a code of ;

on (press) {
gotoAndPlay (“10”);

At frame 10 a 15 frame animation plays and finishes at frame 25. Actions for frame 25 is (keyframed ofc) ;

gotoAndPlay (“scene2”, 1);

which wont work. I tried _root.gotoandplay etc and even scene1.gotoandplay and stil wont work. Then i assigned the action to the button itself and just wanted to see if i could switch to the scene by clicking on the button. No it wont work.

I’m fairly (actualy VERY) new to flash, so i might be missing something essential. What is it?