A New Kind Of Preloader Problem (attachMovie)

Ok first of all I have built an interface whiach has gotlots of vector(swift) 3D animations in it making it 300k!

Not my fault told to do it!

Any how, I built the movie knowing that it had to download all in one swf
just been on a course for actionscroting and learnt some new tricks to try

ie attachMovie
after noteing that you have to export to actionscript I failed to take into account Load on first frame which has to be ticked to load the mc’s from the library

The Problem: I have a 330k swf and I cant out a loader on it because everything loads on frame 1!

The soloution: I need someone to help me with my code, the idea being I make a preloader swf that loads in the main movie and checks how much of the incoming movie is loaded to show how much 0-100% is loaded

Here is the original preloader code
Call the main movie = main.swf

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
bloaded = (int((_parent.getBytesLoaded()/1024)*10)/10);
total = (int((_parent.getBytesTotal()/1024)*10)/10);
_parent.perc = int((bloaded/total)*100);
if (_parent.getBytesLoaded() == _parent.getBytesTotal()) {
onClipEvent (load) {



When I come across this problem (often :/) I make a seperate .swf for the preloader, and tell that to load the target (large) swf.

like in the file I am hopefully attaching (I stripped most of the cool stuff out, but the workings are all there, so it should be cool.)

the target filename is ‘spideymain.swf’

You’ll find the code on the ‘preloader’ mc in the timeline (I wort this before I learnt about functions, but it worked, so no point changing it, really.)

hmm… not quite sure if i understand your “actionscroting” problem. Maybe you need to move up an underwear size.

anyhow. it seems like your making it more complicated than it is. do you want to have everything load initially? or do you want other parts of your flash movie to load and then the 330k .swf swift interface thing to load?

I think you’d be better off having everything load initially don’t you?

i don’t understand when you say this:

“The Problem: I have a 330k swf and I cant out a loader on it because everything loads on frame 1!”

Did you set up an actionscript linkage id on your movie (in the library) and forget to click export for actionscript, export in first frame? if so, go back into the library, select linkage and click those two options…

otherwise build a preloader into the first two frames of your swift .swf…