A shameless cry for help converting a dynamic menu to read an XML doc

I was wondering if ther was anyone out there who would be willing to help a brother out with some newbie XML stuff?

For the sake of simplicity
I put together a very basic little menu that gets built from a small hard coded action script array.

I just started pulling in dynamic content with coldfusion CFCs via flash remoting about a year ago.

I’m looking to do some basic menu/submenu building but from an external XML document instead.

I’m sure it’s probably pretty basic but I don’t know anything about XML.

Would someone be so kind to check it out show me how to convert it to XML data in I would tremendously appreciate it.

Thanks so much.

// jOEL

have you read the tutorial on doing that yet?

I’m planning on it.
I just thought it would be really nice to integrate it into something that I already had a pretty good grasp on - so I could clearly see the difference(s) in “my” code. It’s not to say I could eentually get my hands around it by doing the (your) tutorial(s) - just not as optimal for my learning style.

I do appreciate your time invested though in those tuts.

it may be easier to start from scratch sometimes.

absolutely, no question there.
it’s just a matter of personal digestive time - a mere time.
I’m just trying to shave some corners, who can’t appreciate that?

I’d still appreciate it if someone could show me on my attached files.
It doesn’t have to be you though :wink:

anyone…Bueller… Bueller?