A simple question about linking buttons

All right, so when I write/type a word and convert it to a symbol to add the actionscript to it, it only applies the coding to the text itself, I would like a retangular area around the text be clickable too. I tried searching the forums and the site itself for an answer but couldn’t think of what to input to the search box that wouldn’t bring up dozens of unrelated topics.

I hope my question makes sense, to clarify my question, you can see a barebones test of what I’m making here:
[color=#003366]When you scroll over the About the arm moves, but the instant you go off the black of the text it stops, so it creates a hideous jerky effect as your crusor moves over the whole thing.[/color]

[color=#003366]I’m sure the solution is rather simple, so simple I can’t figure it out, which is always the way.[/color]