A Small Computer Technicality

Past three days, this popup comes up really quickly and I can only catch a glimpse of it. Only thing I know is that its been coming up. It says something like: “error: function call terminated”. I know for sure it has the keywords of function and call. Is there a solution to this small problem?

What program does this happen in ?

I dont know quite actually, :smiley: It came up twice just before my computer started to shut down and once before after i closed RealPlayer. It started to happen when I did something to the os. I restarted it and then it said “Your computer has recovered from a serious error, send report?”. It only comes up 1 or twice but thats it. I would like to get rid of it though.

What exactly did you do to the os ? :smiley:

What you could try is to scratch programs from your boot list (msconfig) and see when it doesn’t happen anymore. The latest program scratched from the list would be the problem. If that didn’t work, you can do the same using CTRL+ALT+DELETE to kill programs before you shut down.

I cant exactly remember. It was some application that i installed that needed to install directx. I had DirectX9b already installed before. It happened after but my directx drives are working normal, i can still play music, sounds. Ill try ctrl+alt+del first, thanks Voets.

Try running dxdiag to see if there’s anything up with DirectX.

No problem there. hmmmm…

you try the time-tested spyware removal?

sounds like a pop-up may be trying to execute a command its not working.