A Space Company Wants YOU

A Space Company Wants YOU.


I representative of 1000 Planets Inc. As the name suggests 1000 Planets Inc. is a space development company (see www.1000planets.com for more information).

1000 Planets Inc. is an exemplar of the new breed of space company. 1000 Planets Inc. seeks to enable the visions of our future in space : low-cost and full-spectrum space transportation ; space-based manufacturing ; colonization ; solar energy-based energy etc. Our present projects attest to these bold statements.

We are designing and creating an advanced micro-launcher that will enable low-cost access to space for small payloads. We are designing and creating an OMV system that will transport payloads throughout Earth-orbit and eventually service, repair and construct spacecraft. We are in research and development of a space elevator (see : www.highliftsystems.com for further information) etc. etc.

In addition to these space-based projects we are developing endeavors Earth-side. Including a media division that will develop, publish, distribute and retail everything from books to software ; a financial division that will enable the average person to invest in the future (see as an example of such a venture : www.colonyfund.com they are an alliance partner) etc.

However, we require talented, computer graphic artists, web developers designers etc. in order to weave these plans into reality.

Accordingly, I extend an open invitation to all computer graphic artists and web developers (HTML, php , flash etc.) to join us in our endeavor.

Currently, we are in high-level negotiations with various governmental and civilian agencies and companies on investment. At present we have no funding and thus, all employees have day jobs. Employees “volunteer” and earn stock and the promise of future paid employment.

As such we cannot offer immediate financial assistance.

However, employees involved will be paid when sufficient funding is obtained an/or when revenue is realized. Also, upon activation of our own server farm and/or 3rd party web hosting we may offer free web space for employees i.e. for portfolios etc.

Thank-you for your attention and consideration. We hope you success in your endeavors.

Correspondence may be directed to :
[email protected]