A suggestion for the action scripting forumn

alot of the questions most of us new to flash have regarding action scripting come because for the most part we dont have a basic knowledge of exactly what the basic action scripting fundamentals are. my opinion of course but i know its true for myself.problem is when we look at the actions menu what we see makes almost no sense and is a bit intimidating. if anyone knows of a site that explains action scripting in a easy to relate to manner it would help tremendously. or perhaps this would be a good project for someone with a broad knowledge of action scripting to sit down and write. something simple like
if/else… what is it? how does it work? when should i use it?. if we had a tutorial of that nature i know myself and many others would be more than appreciative and learn much faster. it would also take alot of repetitous questions off your guys hands. i know a tutorial of this magnatude would be a heck of a thing to right but its an idea none the less, if i knew i would, but… well er… it would be a nice addition to the action scripting or advanced tutorials page none the less

I’ll work on it. Thanks for the suggestion. I have plans to run down each action that I’ve used, and in what way I’ve used it. As well as a little basic knowledge about the a/s panel, how to use it effectively, and where a/s can be put in a movie, and how that changes the a/s options.
I’ll keep you’re suggestion in mind.