Quick edit is back!! :love:


thx K, I missed that feature…

(and the quick-delete… hint hint)

I thought about QuickDelete, but I like having the option of users giving a reason for deleting the posts. It’s funny to see some of the reasons users place for deleting posts :slight_smile:

Ahhhh the quick edit :love:


::ohh there. :stuck_out_tongue:

good stuff!

Where? Where? I’m being stupidly blind here…

[EDIT] Ah. Got it. But the button image isn’t showing up, I’m just getting the red cross and alt text… [/EDIT]

Awesome, but where!?

Ai - I just realized that it forgot to add the image for the non default styles :slight_smile:

yeah I was going to bring that up earlier (that there was no image)

im using default style I think…where is quickedit?

To the left of the edit button. It looks like a little eraser :slight_smile: Should I change the icon to something else or move it to the left with the text “QuickEdit” like it had been in previous versions?

I like that icon, its very unobtrusive :thumb:

Still no button here :bu:

Edit >>

Oh, nevermind, I’m stupid, I was looking at other peoples’ posts looking for the button! :blush:

That’s awesome kirupa!

Edit 2 >>

I don’t see it either. Oh wait, this isn’t my post, is it…

so much so I doubt I would have ever saw it…lol…good feature tho.

Ahmed - do you see it now? I can see it using the Green by Sushisource style.

Yeah, that’s what I was doing… :sure:

The latest version of QuickEdit doesn’t seem to allow us to quickly edit other people’s posts hehe.

:slight_smile: I love this feature

Now its just a matter of remembering its there and using it :beam:

Ok - I made some modifications and QuickEdit will now allow us to edit all users :slight_smile: