Quick Edit!

Whoa, just noticed it now. I gotta say, that’s pretty cool, k-man.

Keep up the good work :thumb:

edit: you only have it so we can quick edit our own posts? as mods shouldn’t we be able to qe other people’s? :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: just a thought.

Hmm - I’ll look into that. It was eilsoe’s idea btw :slight_smile:

hehe I was just about to say something about that


cheers eilsoe!

what’s quick edit?

whoa!!.. i love this!!!

when you use reset the message, the hide radio gets selected, is that supposed to happen?

Hey, Kirupalooza, wouldn’t it be cool if there was a QuickBan as well? Dan would flip.


Am I missing something?
[EDIT]Ahhh… With you now. :)[/EDIT]

sure thor…I’ll also see if it can be made voice activated, so all you have to do is say “BAN STFTK14”, and then he would automatically be banned. If you don’t have a mic, I’m sure a mind-reading version can also be implemented - PHP is all-powerful after all :slight_smile:


(User ‘everyone’ gets banned)


Mmph!!, look at that, K-man is a GENIOUS!! … hey, wait a minute… sarcas… aler…


Just add a ‘Ban Me’ button onto the bottom of all the member’s posts. :slight_smile:

Note lack of sarcasm tags.

just be careful not to hit your own when shooting for that edit button :wink:

or how bout for an evil trick, we replace the Submit button with a “Ban Self” button.


Er… Make it so you can’t ban yourself. Obviously. :sure:

God, I need to get out of this office…

*Originally posted by Kitiara *
**God, I need to get out of this office… **
I took the day off :wink:

Sadly, though, I would’ve been doing the same thing as I am now had I been at work.

oooooooo a double sarcasm, high-5 thor!

i tried making it a triple, but it wigs out the table for some reason.

*Originally posted by thoriphes *
**I took the day off :wink:

Sadly, though, I would’ve been doing the same thing as I am now had I been at work. **
Well, to be honest I had yesterday afternoon off, but I spent the majority of that in bed with a migraine, so that wasn’t exactly fun. :slight_smile:

It’s gone 2 and I haven’t had my lunch break yet. Hmm, time to hit the High Street, I think. :slight_smile:

Is double sarcasm like reverse psychology?

naw, simple logic. A double sarcasm doesn’t mean anything.

and yeah, get lunch, it’s your God-given right.

The quick edit thing scared me :frowning:

But then I realized what it was :beam:

Awesome!!! Good idea there Eilsoe.