Aaaw, how cute, cats!

So we’re sitting here at my LAN (now for 4 days in a row)
and a friend of mine gets this link from an IRC channel. The movie was hilarious, just look at the cats… I especially like the one where one of the cats scares the **** out of the other.

It’s only about 2.7 megs so don’t worry about long loading times.
Check it out!

lol!!! :P:P:P

Ha ha ha, thanks for the link :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t stop watching it :P!!

hahaha oh wow - that’s funny :slight_smile:

I love the one where the cat jumps on the counter top and slides off the other side with the toaster! hahahaha

Haha! Yay!! :beam:

Really funny, I like the end, thats cool :wink:

  • Soul :s:

HAHA! that is wicked funny. thanks for the link!

ahaha! how bout the one where the cat is just walking to the window and all of a sudden he falls off?

that was amazing… go cats

Hehe no problem guys :stuck_out_tongue:

im wondering about an apple version of this? is it possible?


that was so funny :slight_smile:

Hawk, download it and try to make it in to a quicktime .mov, should work then… (Open with quicktime and save as ???.mov)

gah! i got a 404…

just great, it’s like the funniest thing in the world and i can’t watch it. :( :( :( :( :*(

maybe i need to go outside more.

ha! good thing i saved it on my computer. that one was definitely a keeper.

haha, could you please load it up somewhere… plz :smiley:

im just gonna ruin the lovabe cats now lol go here