Ok first I have to say thank you to playamarz for trying his best to help me, but everything he gives me dosen’t seem to work so I thought I widen the spectrum. I’m building this site and when it loads it loads leftinfo.swf, now in some case I need other movies to load in to that same spot but in other cases I don’t want that movie to unload and reload agian.

you can see for your self

now once the left little movie has loaded click on the pictures button, and it will reload, I don’t want that, however if you press on the about us button it does need to unload to let the other movie load and then load back in when the picture button is press agian.

agian thanks for your help playamarz.

anyone please

redesign the structure just a little.

Take the movie clip that is acting the part of the holder for the other swf’s. Copy, Paste in Place. Select it and give it a new instance name. Preferably one for the menu since it’s the only one you might have to change scripts on.

Then simply turn it’s _visible to false when you don’t want it there.

I don’t know of another way around that. If you load a movie into a movie clip and then load another into that clip you will lose the first one. There’s no saving it. However, as long as the viewer has chache turned on his computer, the object wont actually reload, it will come straight from the cache at 0 effective load time. Why does it need to stay in place?.. does it’s existance effect other clips dynamicaly?

the clip just has basic info in it I want visable, except when certain buttons are pressed. A couple of the buttons will load another clip in to that same spot, however the origianal one needs to reload when when other buttons are pressed, that’s the problem. when the page opens the little clip (leftinfo.swf) loads, al I don’t want it to do is load agian on a button press if it’s already there. example…

  1. movie loads with leftinfo.swf in place
  2. user press about us button and aboutus.swf is loaded in place of leftinfo.swf
  3. user presses pictures button and leftinfo.swf is reloaded
    all that is working fine, the problem comes when
    4.user press hotel button which should load leftinfo.swf, but only if it doesn’t exsist already, I don’t want it to relaod it agian if it’s aready there.