Aagh Boxeseses!

Can someone tell me how to get rid of the little grey boxes in the top left corner of PS? See attached image.

CTRL + H :thumb:

EDIT: or do you mean permanently? Coz I’ve been having trouble with them as well… That’s why I learned the shortcut :beam:

EDIT 2: k Eilsoe :ne:

view - show - slices


this question seems to get asked a lot :hangover:

Thanks guys.

it sure does sen… maybe we need to sticky a guide to photoshop shortcuts or something.

when I first started ps I for the life of me could not figure it out either…until I looked in the help files (hint-hint)

Good Idea!

DDD//Shush you!

people wouldnt read them :sure:


You just know they wouldn’t.

well either way, we could use a FAQ for photoshop around here :wink:

those boxes have bugged me too from time to time. another thing that bugs me is sometimes my caps lock is on and i dont know it, and so the cursors look weird.

oOH! oOH!

Another things that’s been bugging me, is that my keyboard suddenly switches to QWERTY instead of AZERTY in Photoshop (changes only affect in PS) :h:

(switch to the user-friendly QWERTY keyboard then :evil: )

that photoshop thing just keep t bookmarkand and you could just send them a link instead of telling em