About Gravitation: Physics tutorial

hello to all,

i finished this tutorial, but when I tried to aplly it to multiple objects, dosen´t work, can someone look at the code in the attach file and try to see what is the problem.

thanks in advance

Check the spring tutorial, I explained why sometimes functions or prototypes don’t work with multiple instance in Flash MX, and how to solve the problem.

pom :crazy:

it didn´t work can you see the file please

Well, I can’t I’m at work right now. But why won’t you have a look at the tute? :bad:


as u can see from the file, i followed all your tut, but the thing dosen´t work, can u please see :slight_smile:


Good old startDrag problem (bug?). I never understood why this wouldn’t work.


pom :cowboy:

today is too late, but tomorrow I will see it, and i will write you again.


were are you from?

i´m from lisbon/portugal/europe

Well, it works here…

And I’m from Paris/France/Europe :slight_smile: And I’ve been to Portugal once. Wonderful country by the way :cowboy: And the most delicous fishes I’ve ever eaten in my life, hands down.

And I meant EATEN, not :trout:

but I really can´t understand because , you only removed the stopDrag(), i wiil try to write to macromedia to ask about this.

we don´t have only fish here, the meat :slight_smile: is allso excelent, all kinds of meat.


I didn’t just remove startDrag, I replaced it by an enterFrame :slight_smile: