About hitTest

i have problem about hitTest method. i have ever attached this method to a symbol, it wouldn’t work well. even it didn’t work at all.
is there anyone can explain this.

please explain what you’re trying to do, or attach your fla to show us. Then, we can make clearer suggestions. okey dokey?


i have solved it in present.
i initially used this method

after i 've read a tutorial from the site i revealed that those script i wrote was wrong. the mistake is i typed '." (dot) before hitTest.
the correct one is not dot but comma.

so the script becomes
mymovieclip, hitTest(targetmovie){

i have tried it and it worked !!!
for addition i used flash mx. :ninja:

What the hell??? That’s really weird!! As far as I know, it’s not supposed to work with commas! It’s like… An illegal operation for Flash! Or could it be that it’s different in MX? (I use 5)

:stuck_out_tongue: I had the same reaction! I think that what he meant is that he did

if (movieClip,hittest(otherClip)...

Which is legal.

pom :asian: