About kirupa tutorial

i built my website accroding to the tutorial “creating a full flash site” in Kirupa tutorial section.
the main page is empty and has an empty target MC.

whenever i click on any of the navigation buttons, an external SWF is called and loaded in the target MC.

how can i make the empty main page load immediately the “about” page ?? i dont want it to be empty. i want the first empty page to calls the “about.swf”.

i have attached screnshots of the main, about and pictures pages.

anyone can help ???

put a loadmovie action on the first frame of the movie, its the same as if you were clickin the button but instead it loads it up on the once it enters the frame automatically, and leave the button alone just add the script to the first frame of the movie


what is exactly that action ??
but i have more than one layer and frames in the main page.

i posted it and delete it because grim beat me to post it :stuck_out_tongue:

it would be


place the script in the frame when you want to load the movie :slight_smile:

i inserted this action and when i tried it in IE, the “about.swf” started blinking, i put a stop, and it kept blinking.
i have attached a screenshot of the main page.

should i insert a new layer with one frame and put this code in it ??

i created a new layer and inserted this code, but it blinks. i added a stop to the second frame and it worked good.

did i do it right or there is something i am missing ??

i guess it was because the movie was looping … and the action was being executed over and over again. in that case … the stop() is just fine :slight_smile:

and sorry about the delay … i totally forgot to reply :-\

it worked great but the scroll in the “about.swf” is messing up with the mouseover captions. if i click on the slider bar to scroll, then hover my buttons, the caption appears on the slider bar.

why did this happen !!!

i attached screenshots of what i did. did i do it wrong ???

sorry forgot to attach them

frame 2

i might be wrong but i think this has been solved before …

it was something about the caption being dragged at the same time than the scrollbar … :-\

search in the forums … hopefully you’ll find the thread :slight_smile:

i searched for other threads but nothing seems to work.

any idea man ???

what’s your code ? :slight_smile:

i posted a new thread about it … can u check it ?

nevermind … i saw it in the other thread …

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lol :stuck_out_tongue: … we posted at the same time twice !! :P[/size]