About making endless tunnel

i have a problem about making an endless tunnel. how can i make a movie that can continuosly loop without adding a bunch of frame and object.

and how to make that looping movie doesn’t break at the end.
please help.

[swf=“http://mahasiswa.if.itb.ac.id/~if11082/wall.swf height=200 width=50”][/swf]

your movie will automatically loop by default.

If you’re looking for a smooth look, here’s a tip.

after you create your tween, add a keyframe BEFORE your last frame, and delete the last frame. In most cases it will give you the smooth look you’re looking for.

This, of course, is not a magical formula or method. Your last frame must be almost identical to the first frame, therefore creating the illusion of continuity.

Hey Bro, i LOVE that endless tunnel thing, can you post the code here?