I am getting the Hang of it now! Thx to people who helped me soo far… But to my Question… How to Loop one layer of flash animation? (Go all the way down in this page and see there is the flash looper)

– Thanks in Advance –

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Try this. Try making that ‘one layer’ a separate movie clip that has ** no stops.** It should loop while the rest of your animation stays still. This will work. Does this help? And isn’t it a good feeling to get help here? It’s a great crowd!


Shak- You can’t loop just one layer. Do what Phil said and put that ‘one layer’ into a movieclip. Also, that Flash image at the bottom of the screen is done with actionscript; not looping one layer.

Well… ummm ok… but tell me how to make a movie clip with no stops… If thats ok…

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just make a movie clip. it will loop on its own, unless you put a stop action into the timeline.

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What Bubba said; When you make a movie clip [MC] there is a place to put stops in at the end of your timeline in the actions panel. normally you would highlight the last frame where you want a stop, then pull up your actions panel, and then choose STOP. Just don’t do that. And it will keep looping.

And to save you time with the Q’s your about to ask, oh, say around 10pm this evening, do this; Make the movie clip you desire WITHOUT any of the looping, and/or the new MC. This is next. Then when you have what you desire, go to the frame you want to have the MC start on inside the movie you have completed, and make the MC in that frame. Then INSIDE the new MC make what you need and want to do that loopy thing, then do NOT place a stop at the end or anywhere else INSIDE this new MC. The MC will start with whatever frame you place it and will not stop and will loop until the cows come home or we lose electricity from a nuclear blast; Doh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this was clear; Im sure we will find out if it wasn’t! :wink:


How to make a MC!!! geez answer that! (if u did i don’t see it in ur reply)

uhmmm…Clikc on INSERT>NEW SYMBOL and then make sure that you select MovieClip.and it brings up a new stage to work with and then you just put the MovieClip on the main stage from the library.

Hi! Thx for the help! (Wasn’t here for few dayz) :smiley: THX!