About PHP

About PHP

PHP is an acronym of hypertext preprocessor. It is a server side language through which we can make a dynamic web page by embedding PHP code into HTML. To run PHP pages you need to have following installation on your system/machine.

OS (Operating System) -> Windows/Linux
Server -> IIS/Apache
Database -> MySQL, MSSQL, ORACLE, MSACCESS, PostgreSQL etc.
PHP -> PHP Installation on System

You can easily run PHP on Windows by installing WAMP server. WAMP stands for Windows+Apache+MySQL+PHP and popularly used as development platform next to LAMP (Linux+Apache+MySQL+PHP).

A sample PHP page script starts as follows:
=========CODE BEGINS========

<?php // PHP Begins
echo ‘Hello World’; //(echo) Print Output on Screen
?> //PHP Ends

=========CODE ENDS==========

There are various support and tutorials available for PHP. Some popular resources are:
http://www.php.net (PHP site)
http://www.mysql.com (MySQL site)
http://www.w3schools.com/PHP (PHP Tutorials)