What do i download to use PHP on my computer?

I was just wondering what do i download so i can be able to use and view php on my computer. I don’t need the one where you upload to your server - cause i don’t have one :-\ But i’m aware that you can get some just to learn and test on your computer is that right??

So which ones do i download? I know you can get em from php.net, but i’m not sure which ones to get :-\ There are so many! thanks!!

I use WAMP[link]

O i’ve downloaded that before, but i’m not sure how you use it :-\ But i can’t redownload it because the sites not working :frowning: Do you know of any others which are easy to use?

You need to install Apache (Download and Instructions found here)

then you can install PHP (Found here) and the document is also found on that same site…

Do i get hte latest ones or stable versions for the php? thanks

don’t download PHP 5… go with the highest 4.x.x for the PHP. I am pretty sure that the newest Apache is stable tho.

PHP 5 is still in beta testing, so for now its best to stay away from that…

ok thanks :slight_smile:
just another quick quesiton, is there a differnece between these two files?

PHP 4.3.2 (tar.bz2) [3,611Kb] - 29 May 2003


PHP 4.3.2 (tar.gz) [4,416Kb] - 29 May 2003

There is a significant file sisze difference so i’m just wonderin :-\

Use: http://www.e-novative-gmbh.de/files/setup_WAMP_1.1.0.exe

Basically, all you have to do is run the installer. That is pretty much all I can remember.

I tried using the standalone versions of Apache and PHP, but I found it too hard too install.

You don’t need to download the source code, download this one:


it says PHP 4.3.2 zip package

I’m pretty sure thats the one you want.

ok thanks guys, i’ll try em out. I’m sure i’ll have more questions on howta use em though thanks for the time being though :slight_smile:

i use it daily, one click install of php, apache, phpmyadmin etc

i read this in easphp:
BETTER DOING : launch EasyPHP, connect yourself on “http://localhost” from your browser, open your directory, then click on “date.php”.

So i guess i need a server thing for this one right? i can’t just test on my comp without uploading?

thats what apache is.

sorry i’m new to this Jubba, i think i have decided to get the one njs gave, since it is less hassle. But now that i have installed it, the question is, how do i use it? they have a php.exe which is pretty much the same thing as the php i had installed from php.net.

I can’t really see a help file anywhere or somethin so this is the oinly place :-\

honestly, I don’t know. I have never used apache or php my on own PC. I just use Dreamweaver and when I save the file it auto-uploads and then I preview it in my browser.

You access the folders thru localhost


lol… I spent the last 30 mins teaching Syko on
IRC how to do this :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically, to test php pages what you do is put the scripts in Program Files/Apache Group/htdocs and then run them by typing into your browser http://localhost/.

For example, to test a file called test.php, you would put the file in Program Files/Apache Group/apache/htdocs/, so the path would be Program Files/Apache Group/apache/htdocs/test.php.

You would then test it by going to http://localhost/test.php in your browser.

(Warning: Some versions of Kazaa can interfere with Apache. I reccomend that you disable Kazaa before developing.)

ahh thank you :slight_smile: what you taught syko in 30 minutes, you taught me in 1 :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not sure if i can actually do it though, ill havta try :slight_smile: Thanks

I just realized, i can’t test jubbas html/php tutorial with WAMP, i have to load it on a server right? Because i copied the exact code just to test it, but it doesn’t work. I have tried simple php codes which work on the wamp though.

So to load the files to your server (i now have a lycos account), do i just upload the files? or is there an easier way like jubba said in his previous post, which the file is uploaded automatically…? thanks

I really don’t know about other FTP programs, I just know that its a feature in Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is a great program (even tho I only use it as a color coded notepad) and I suggest looking into if for anyone serious about webdesign. It will triple your productivity :slight_smile:

and if you are talking about the mail() tutorial, then no you have to test that on a server :frowning:

Yea i use dreamweaver too, and tried using the ftp from that, but it doesn’t let me connect to my **** lycos ftp. Nor does WS_FTP even though i have all the correct passwords and login names.

So all i’m stuck with now is manually going to the site and using the slow uploader :-\ But anyhow lycos gives free PHP support so i shouldn’t be complainin :stuck_out_tongue: