About SOTW, and I'm gonna get flamed

Ok first off this is not supposed to be take as offense to any recent SOTW winners, so here goes, flame away:

The whole point of Kirupa site of the week is to show off killer design and people who push the limits of flash. To be honest i haven’t had a SOTW blow my socks off in over a month. So I pose this as a question for polite public debate: is it better to have a SOTW every week that has weaker entries, or to only do SOTW when there is a worthy entry? Just some food for thought out to the community.:beard:

well, what we try to do is show off sites made by individuals such as yourself as opposed to sites made by huge corporations. there are occasional sites made by companies but we want to show the public certain people’s skills that others may not know about. the moderators always select a site from a group of other sites, that’s how it’s done here. maybe we’ll hold secondary votes for everyone else who isn’t a mod. i’ll think about it.

i think it’s important to showcase our very own talent here at kirupaforum… i don’t necessarily believe that we have to go grab a cool site from linkdup or k10k just to post it up on SOTW. everyone who is interested or subscribed to an e-zine has already seen most of these sites anyways…

i think we want to see something new, unique, and created by those around us, at our level, our peers.

MHO :slight_smile:

and no one is going to ‘flame’ you, that’s not what we are about here… but with a subject like that it looks like you’re asking for it… everyone is entitled to their opinion.