Sight of the Week?

I have entered 2 sites for sotw…

I have gotten a total of 1 comment on both of these sites. That is unacceptable, in my opinion. I have been a Flash designer for 5 years, consider myself a decent web desinger, and I think I can design a usable website, but yet, I get no response…

Personally, I consider this bad manners. Someone should communicate to the applicatants, each week, that their submission is appreciated. Otherwise, the award loses it’s reward.

If there isn’t enough mods to cover this portion of the site, this portion should be shut down. Diluting the sotw will not do anything but deminish’s reputation.

I have seen other well designed sites not reviewed at all. Yet, when a site which needs help comes around, more help than is needed comes around.

In my opinion, if is going to award a SOTW, make it consistantly good, and awarded regularly.

Lets keep the standard high,


applauds Good man Rev! I agree completely.


Thanks Brad!

I have made my living designing usable websites for years. I would think I deserve at least a comment or 2…


Hey rev,
The SOTW is usually just here for me and others to comment on which sites deserve the award. For criticism, you should try the Site Check forum. There are more people who reply there with comments, etc. =)

Kirupa :rambo:

I understand that Kirupa, but there were 4 sites submitted this week, and not one got a comment from a mod. They were worth at least a comment from someone saying thanks for entering (even MM sends out a thank you email).

The rules say that a site is chosen each Friday. I just see inconsistencies in when the award is given, and that dilutes the award’s prestige.

I’m afraid if the 2 sites I have submitted aren’t worthy of SOTW, or even a comment on how to make them better, then I won’t be submitting any more sites.

Just the way I feel.


makes sense, but did you purposely make your title “Sight of the Week” and if so why :q:


Yes I did, because I thought my site deserved consideration. All I was asking for was acknowledgement that I submitted. When you do submit here, you hear nothing unless you win…

That tells entrants nothing about what it takes to win Sight Of The Week. If you don’t know what the client is looking for, how do you plan to satisfy that client?

The Real World wants to know…


I don’t usually have time to come down here that often.

When did you submit a site Rev? What sites did you submit?

::other than the dynamic autowraps, which seems to be mostly HTML with just that one bit of flash, and doesn’t qualify for SOTW since SOTW has to be like 90% or so of Flash::

I´m just a user, but I agree with him.

And I´m sorry, cause I have neglected this section of the forum for too long.:*(

Sorry rev, and all the others too:( Go check them right now

*Originally posted by lostinbeta *
[When did you submit a site Rev? What sites did you submit?



Oh man! I replied in there and everything, but didn’t comment. I feel like an arse. I must not have realized it was in the SOTW section.

Well the site in there is a broken link :-\

which link is broken?


hmm no clue the site in that thread is and it works fine for me… :sleep:

Hmm works for me now.

LOL, Rev, what it is with your sites not working on my system. Sure it is coincidence, but I think it is funny.

Ok, I am going to check out the site more thoroughly and post a reply again in your other thread :slight_smile:

You have a point, Rev. Maybe we should have moderators for this forum particularly? :sigh: [SIZE=1]points to Rev[/SIZE]

Well Ren is the moderator of this section, but she isn’t around much anymore. Probably busy times.

She doesn’t moderate this section in particular, does she?

Yeah, well…

She used to be set as a Super Moderator and a Moderator of this forum itself.

But then Kirupa just set everyone to Super Moderators. But technically, she is the moderator of this section.

OK, so it’s her fault :evil:

No seriously, we should talk about what you know where you know :stuck_out_tongue: