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Abstract Art Competition - Comercial Application - Cash Prize

I am presently working for the tech-media section of a London based law firm. I have persuaded them that if I can show them something that will look really tech - they will incorporate it into the new tech micro site we are building. I thought that it would make a good kirupa competition, and if it gets used, there will be $150 for the winner, a couple of hours free (UK) legal advice (we’re IT specialists) and obviously one more name to add to your client porfolio.

I want to have a very fancy flash animation that is really impressive, low k (preferabley no loader - but ActionScript if there is one - the code to adapt is here), but quite abstract as a banner that runs beneath the title banner and above the navigation bar - both of which I imagine sitting centre top.

It would have to be maybe 770px wide and perhaps 100px high and would have to based on a white background and probably fading into and out of that background - your call.

I imagine something like rainbow elipses fading into view from one side of the screen and moving ethereally accross to the other where they fade away again - looped, or very thin black lines of random shape, or geometric shape, sparking into life and out again, or droplets or perhaps a clever use of Swift3D… whatever you can think of. From the depth and breadth of imagination we see daily in the footers alone on this site I have no doubt someone will do something spectacular.

The competition will provisionally be open until the end of the year and the prize will be absolutely dependent on my finding something that we actually use. Having said that there is a good chance that, if we get some really good entries, we will run it again.

Thank you - and good luck!

Hello im new and i liek the flower animation a lot, i get to write my nick on it, haha. :smiley:

I don’t see urbanscrawl over here, I think we should orient this to the LSD contest :stuck_out_tongue:

Still here and still interested. You’re right about LSD and law being mutually exclusive though, but I wouldn’t want to get in the way of any sort of creative discussion, and in any case I have been absolutely frantic these past few weeks.

The flowers are good, as are the rainbows / text etc. and believe me, all of these will get shown to a couple of the partners here to see what they think. I’m not sure they are quite there yet though, I was thinking more along the lines of the more popular winners of the grid contest, with perhaps (very) subtle abstract colours.

This feedback is all good however, I know that sometimes the best ideas come out of the most random discussions.

Merry Christmas everyone and a happy New Year.

The grid contest? :h: Wow, this gets more and more confusing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Does it? Apologies - though I think those are excellent examples of the sort of abstract art some of you guys have managed to produce.