Abt monitor and resolution

Hi friends

Like you guys, me too into Web and Graphics
It would be useful …if you provide some information about your Monitor size and monitor resolution .

Which monitor size is ideal for web design ?
and in which monitor resolution you are working ?

I am using 19 inch Viewsonic in 1280 x 1024 resolution

your setup sounds ideal. I work at that resolution on an 18" monitor.

I couldn’t get used to 1280x1024 on a 19", jumped straight to 1600x1200… although I have two 17" monitors set up here (1280x1024) at work side by side, great setup for both graphic design and coding.

I use 17" at 1024 x 768.

I think 1024 x 768 is the best for designing because you’ll always remember what resolutions to use for other peoples resolutions. You have a good restriction when designing and it also doesn’t limit you.

And also - you’ll be able to view most sites at a great size. If your monitor is too big, sometimes sites tend to look way too small :).

Your choice though. Whatever fits you ;).

  • theReefster

I have a 21" monitor at 1600x1200 coupled with another 21" monitor running 1280x1024 (on the same machine). I love it. I wish that my second monitor supported 1600x1200 at a decent refresh rate though.

I’d say the bigger the resolution and size the better. I love being able to see tons of my code/design work at one time, and when in photoshop or flash, I have my panels all on one monitor and my workspace clear so I can see what I’m doing :).